DigiFinexToken, “DFT” in short, is the proof of rights of DigiFinex, digital asset financial exchange and is the only globalized certificate. DFT currently has a total liquidity of 1.379961038958 million, and will not have additional issuance.

Ecological scenarios:

DFT discounted fee: DigiFinex (DigiFinex.com) digital asset trading platform has launched the DFT Discounted Transaction Fee function on October 15, 2018, running on 25% discount. Users can set whether to use the DFT discounted fee in their own account. To learn how to set, click me

VIP rating system: DigiFinex launched the Maker and Taker fee billing mode on November 6, 2018. A system that enjoys different commission fees based on the VIP level according to the DFT locked amount. To learn more, click me

OTC (over-the-counter) merchant deposit: Users can apply to become DigiFinex (DigiFinex.com) OTC (over-the-counter) merchants, need to lock 20000DFT or 2500USDT as a deposit.

Grand Lucky Draw: The Grand Lucky Draw prize pool is constantly updated, including 1BTC, 1ETH, 0.5ETH, 0.01ETH, 5DFT, etc. Winning rewards can be doubled. The user can get a lucky draw chance for every 4DFT used. To learn more, click me

Transaction Reward: The DFT transaction reward is a trading reward activity set up by DigiFinex (DigiFinex.com) digital asset trading platform. Trading users can obtain the transaction reward by locking DFT and completing the specified trading amount. To learn more, click me

Point-based listing: In order to provide added development opportunities for more communities with a greater community base, DigiFinex Exchange launched the Point-based listing campaign in March. All applicants will be admitted to the DFT trading area after being reviewed by the DigiFinex professional review team, with DFT to be used as a deposit. (WIll be opened from time to time. To learn more, click me)

Offline payment: DigiFinex has entered into a strategic partnership with SK, Singapore’s largest jeweler group, to allow customers to purchase gold/diamond and other jewellery with DFT. As jointly held with the SG Token Day event, customers enjoyed 10% discount on all diamond jewelry purchased with DFT, and 20% discount on gold jewelry! (The event is over, click here to know more)

DigiFinex (DigiFinex.com) will continue to explore more possibilities in which DFT can be put to application in future, enriching the DFT ecosystem and increasing the value of the DFT market.

How to join the DigiFinex Community

TelegramExchange group:Click to know more(Chinese)

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Official Twitter: Click to know more

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One Stop Digital Financial Services Platform: https://www.digifinex.com

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