Vitalik Buterin’s d/acc: A Revolutionary Approach to Technological Development and Decentralization

3 min readNov 29, 2023

This article is based on the piece titled “My techno-optimism” authored by Vitalik Buterin.

Exploring d/acc in the Tech World

Vitalik Buterin, the co-founder of Ethereum, introduced the concept of ‘d/acc’ in his article “My techno-optimism”, which offers a fresh perspective on technological progress. Distinguished from the prevalent Silicon Valley notion of ‘e/acc’ (effective accelerationism), d/acc emphasizes a balanced approach to technological advancement, focusing on democracy, decentralization, and defense. This article delves into the nuances of d/acc and its contrast with e/acc.

Understanding ‘e/acc’ (Effective Accelerationism)

Originating from British philosopher Nick Land’s theories, e/acc is widely discussed in Silicon Valley’s tech founder circles. It advocates for maximizing innovation and capitalist forces to drive radical social transformation, even at the cost of disrupting existing societal orders.

Decoding ‘d/acc’: Vitalik Buterin’s Proposition

Vitalik Buterin’s d/acc represents a balanced approach, seeking the benefits of technological progress while urgently calling for democratic and decentralized solutions to mitigate risks. The ‘d’ in d/acc stands for defense, decentralization, democracy, and differential, pointing to a path that prioritizes protective, inclusive, and diverse technological advancements.

Key Aspects of d/acc: A Comprehensive Analysis

  1. Demand for New Approaches: Vitalik expresses concerns over centralized power concentration and advocates for a philosophy that fosters a more democratic world, avoiding centralization as a default solution.
  2. A World Leaning Towards Defense: He suggests focusing on technologies that are more defensive than offensive, contributing to a safer, more open, and freedom-respecting governance form.
  3. Macro Physical Defense (Infrastructure): Vitalik highlights the importance of robust physical infrastructure, such as Starlink’s internet infrastructure, as a key defensive technology.
  4. Micro Physical Defense (Biomedical): Open-source research plays a vital role. Vitalik envisions a world resilient to airborne pandemics, with innovations in medical research like improved air filtration and rapid vaccine development.
  5. Network Defense, Blockchain, and Cryptography: Emphasizing improvements in computer security, particularly cryptography technologies like blockchain and zero-knowledge proofs, to enhance privacy and security.
  6. Information Defense: Developing tools to combat elusive threats such as misinformation and scams. Twitter’s ‘Community Notes’ and prediction markets are examples of information defense tools.
  7. Beyond Defense: Social Technologies: Vitalik also discusses ‘social technologies’ that enable more effective discussions for decentralized governance, using tools like and to help communities form consensus on contentious decisions.

The Essence of d/acc

In summary, d/acc integrates various technological and social innovations to create a world that is safer, more democratic, and better equipped to handle the challenges of rapid technological advancements.

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