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Dear Users:

DigiFinex is going to list VINCI and open up deposit on 20th May, 2019 10:00 (GMT+8). Withdrawal and trade service will be open on 21st May, 2019 10:00 (GMT+8).

VINCI trade pair:VINCI/BTC

VINCI official website:https://vinci.id/

Vinci is a blockchain-based ecosystem of software services. A number of innovative solutions, including blockchain-based services, cryptocurrency and Vinci messenger have all given Vinci great many advantages compared to other blockchains. Vinci messenger is a cross-platform application that combines voice, text and visual messaging with sturdy and secure business management and e-commerce features. Vinci Technologies Corp presents a new vision of how blockchain technology can be used by the members of community or small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

Thanks for your support!

DigiFinex team

17th May 2019

DigiFinex community and official media:

Official telegram group:

https://t.me/DigiFinexEN (English)

https://t.me/DigiFinexcn (Chinese中文)

Official Twitter:https://twitter.com/digifinex

Official Medium:https://medium.com/@digifinex

Official Reddit:https://www.reddit.com/user/DigiFinex/

DigiFinex (digifinex.com)DIGIFINEX LIMITED. reserves all rights of this event includes but not limits to adjustment, explanation, termination at any time.

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