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Activity Rules:

1. Each time a user invites a new authenticated name user, both parties will each receive a reward of 0.02 ETH.
2. During the event, users who have no invitation relations, and completes the registration and name authentication will receive 0.015 ETH rewards (enter the invitation code to enter the invitation before the name authentication. Authenticated name not entered before the invitation code is considered as new user registration)
3. Enter official invitation code pg55y5 to receive 0.02ETH invitation reward.
4. The ETH obtained by the invitation bonus is in a locked state and the task can be unlocked.

How to invite?

1.Share exclusive invitation QR code to your invited users for registration to be successful.
2. Check the number of invited users in [Invited Users] — Invited friends’status
3. The more users you invite, the more you earn. Remember to remind your invited users to complete activity for ETH to be unlocked to account:
A: New users can complete the first transaction to unlock the 10% bonus for both parties
B: New users who logs in for 7 days can unfreeze the 10% bonus for both parties
C: As for the remaining locked rewards, new users who trades with any coin can unlock for both parties a reward of 1% equivalent to locked bonus.

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Gentle reminder:

Rewards will be voided if not released within 2 months once event is over. User rewards will also be voided should there be findings of cheating activity.

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