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The Trading Rewards activity set up by DigiFinex ( digital asset trading platform. Trading users can obtain the transaction reward by locking DFT and completing the specified trading amount. The more DFT is locked, the higher the trading rewards.

After completion of assigned trading amount, users must manually collect the trading reward before 00:00 (GMT+8) on the same day, and the bonus will be cleared on time at 00:00.

Operating Guidelines

How to lock: Enter [Home] — [Trading Rewards] — [Lock Now] — Enter the number of locks — [Confirm].
How to check the amount of transactions that needs to be completed: Go to [Home] — [Trading Rewards], you can check the amount of transactions that needs to be completed and the amount of transactions completed.
How to collect: After completing the transaction amount, enter [Trading Rewards] — [Receipt], and the reward will be collected.
How to unlock: Click [Unlock] — enter the number of unlocks — [confirm].
How to view lock history: Click on [My Lock] in the upper right corner to view lock history.

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Activity Rules: (This event follows Singapore’s timezone, GMT+8)

1. Lock DFT on the same day and receive the transaction reward the next day.
2. You need to complete all the transaction amount before you can receive the transaction reward. You can trade in any transaction pair (except DFC/USDT), and the system will convert your transaction amount into USDT.
3. The daily transaction reward amount will be announced at 10:30.
4. Daily transaction rewards must be collected on the same day, and if you do not receive it after 00:00, it will be automatically revoked.
5. Unlocked DFT will enter your asset available balance after 24 hours.
6. The locked DFT daily trading reward will be adjusted at any time according to actual scenario, which is subjected to displayed data.

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