[New Coin Listing] Semitoken (SEMI) Launched on DigiFinex, 800,000 SEMI Giveaway

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DigiFinex will list Semitoken (SEMI) on Nov 14, 2020 at 15:00 (GMT+8). Trading of SEMI/USDT trading pair and SEMI withdrawal service will be opened on Nov 15, 2020 at 15:00 (GMT+8).

We will launch following events:

14 Nov 15:00–20 Nov 15:00 (GMT+8)

Rewards will be distributed in 7 days after this event ends

1. Reward for new users

The first 200 new users who register during the event period can get 200 SEMI(about $4) if satisfying the following requirements according to the time of registration in a first come, first served basis.

  • Trading volume of SEMI should be higher than 100 USDT
  • Net deposit amount ≥ 5,000 SEMI (net deposit amount = deposit amount — withdrawal amount)

2. Trading competition

During this event, users whose trading volume of SEMI reaches 1,000 USDT and ranks among the top 20 can share 470,000 SEMI according to rankings.

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During this event, users whose SEMI trading volume ranks behind top 20 but reaches 1,000 USDT can share 90,000 SEMI according to trading volume.

3. Staking reward

We will set 200,000 SEMI in candy box and users can get interest by locking SEMI. Rewards will be distributed on a first come, first served basis.

SEMI rewards = locked SEMI amount * days of locking * 0.3%

SEMI can be locked for 5–20 days with at least 5,000 SEMI locked at a time. Every user can be rewarded up to 20,000 SEMI

For instance, if you lock 1,0000 SEMI in the candy box for 10 days, you will be rewarded with 300 SEMI at last.

Login DigiFinex App -> Homepage -> Candy Box -> enter lock amount -> claim staking reward

In addition, newly registered users during this event can get 10 USDT trial fund for perpetual swap trading if their SEMI trading volume reaches 100 USDT or net deposit reaches 100 SEMI (Once only for every user).

SEMI trading pair: SEMI/USDT


SEMITOKEN is described to be a project coin created for the purpose of simple and clear practical use for loans.

SEMI TOKEN is a project coin created for the purpose of simple and clear practical use, not a coin for speculative trading of cryptocurrency, unrealistic usage guidance, and complicated and colorful explanation.

We would like to thank you for your continuous support.

For related information, please visit DigiFinex Help Center.

One Stop Digital Financial Services Platform: https://www.digifinex.com

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