How to easily pay for Pornhub Premium with Bitcoin & Crypto instead of Paypal

A picture of Pornhub. Photo by Shane uchi on Unsplash
Pornhub Premium only accepts cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin as payment methods
Mick Kristof and his war on Pornhub

Step 1: Retrieve your pornhub deposit address

1. go to Pornhub’s Premium member website:
Click “Upgrade to Premium”

upgrade to Pornhub Premium
Get Pornhub Premium Now with cryptocurrencies like bitcoin
list of cryptocurrencies accepted by Pornhub

Step 2: Buy crypto via an exchang and pay to Pornhub Premium

Here I recommend DigiFinex, an established exchange that I have been using for years.

  1. Go to the exchange website or get their app
digifinex cryptocurrency exchange
digifinex app download page

>Click here to Register an exchange account

Click here if you need help on ->Registration Guide , ->Claim referral rewards

DigiFinex Registration Page

->Click here to get your Bitcoin & other cryptocurrencies

Follow the instrctions to make your purchase, and you should receive your crypto in minutes to an hour time. If you need more hand-holding, here is a very detailed purchasing guide

Buy bitcoin with visa or mastercard on DigiFinex
  1. If you manually copy “Send To Address”, you must double-check whether it is correct. For beginners, it would be better to download the APP and scanning the QR code to add the withdrawal Address.
  1. ->Register an exchange account here
  2. ->Purchase cryptocurrency here
  3. Withdraw the crypto to Pornhub’s deposit address



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