DigiFinex Launching China A-Shares Stock Index

As DigiFinex remain a pioneer in the industry, we want to give our users the best trading experience. Today, we are introducing the first ever cryptocurrencies pegged to the China Stocks Market Index, China A-Shares Crypto ETF (A50, A300, A500) exclusively. With these, now you can purchase Chinese domestic stocks without the need to register for brokerage accounts and free from costly fees.

We offer you the easiest way to get your hands on China domestic stock index. No brokerage account, no tedious processes, minimal fees, high quality indexes for different risk apetite.

What is China A-Shares Crypto ETF?

A-Shares is the domestic stocks traded in China stock exchanges, the most representative of Mainland China’s economy. China equity market is the 2nd largest market after the United States.

Conventionally, China A-Share market is not easily accessible for international investors, which is why you may not be familiar with it before.

China A-Shares Crypto ETF

The China A-Shares Crypto ETFs (A50, A300, A500) are the first ever cryptocurrencies pegged to the A-Shares A50, A300, A500 indexes comprising of portfolio of stocks constructed to reflect the Chinese economical performance. With these you can now invest in China A-shares freely without restrictions!

Why China A-Shares?

The Chinese booming stock market, is a hidden gem on the rise. With ]40% historical returns, A-shares proves to be a robust investment tool.

Smart way to balance your portfolio

Loosely correlated to other major equity indexes, China A-Shares helps profit maximisation by generating a better risk-return profile.

Backed by the 2nd largest economy

China is leading the global post-coronavirus economic recovery, huge potential for future growth, while at the same time, the A-Shares market is still untapped by international capitals.

Buy China Stock Index through Cryptocurrency

Borderless — Invest in one of the fastest growing economy — China onshore market anytime, anywhere

Affordable — No more costly brokerage free from traditional brokers. Buy A-shares with minimal fees.

High Quality Products — We’ve hand-picked the most popular and high quality indexes A50, A300 and A500, that are most representative of the Chinese economy. Perfect to kick start your A-Shares journey

Global Identity — World leading cryptocurrency exchange, trusted by 4 million users worldwide.

Token Details:

3 Simple Steps to own China Stock Indexes

  1. Get your USDT ready! Deposit USDT or get on DigiFinex with your Visa & Mastercard
  2. Go to the A50, A300, A500 trading pairs, trade and watch it grow!

Get on board before the next rally hits!

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