GameFi:The Experience Report of CryptoBlades

Game Introduction

The game is based on BSC chain using BNB, and its own token named SKILL. It has been in the latent stage until mid July 2021, with the price hovering between $1.2-$1.4, followed by a huge rising but rapidly fall shortly after. On August 8th, its price was undervalued, causing a short rise but still fell again and gradually stabilized at $14-$15.

The game mode is: web game, no role-playing, no action fighting. Players can use all heroes, assemble weapons and equipments, select monsters to fight or raid to form a team challenge in order to obtain corresponding rewards.

Game currency output method:

  1. Fight to obtain rewards.
  2. Staking.

Market circulation goods NFT:

  1. Hero characters.
  2. Weapons / shields.

I. Roles obtainment

So, how do players start their game journey from a new set account?

The first thing to do is the recruitment of game characters, which can be recruited on the “Plaza” page at the top or purchased in the “market”.

Considering this, now is not the “pioneer period” of the game. There are choices for both weapons and characters of complete / semi-finished products, so it will be a good deal to purchase finished or semi-finished products directly. You can see figures 2.1 & 2.2 below.

Figure 1.1 and 1.2 Role recruitment consumption and market role selling price

Firstly, select and recruit a new role, and you can get the corresponding attribute information shown in Figure 2.3. Among them, the key game attribute is combat effectiveness that should be higher the better. This attribute only increases with the character level. Secondly, the management attribute is endurance. Participating in any battle and team instance will consume endurance. Endurance will be restored by 1 point every 5 minutes,which limits the number of battles can be joined and the output of game coins every day. If players want to attain more game coins, they need more characters. At present, the maximum number of characters for one player is 4.

Figure 1.3 & 1.4: role and weapon information

As an NFT asset, each weapon has its own ID. Each recruited character carries a one-star weapon, as shown in Figure 2.4. Typically, the higher the attribute the better, and the combat effectiveness of the character will be enlarged depending on their proportion, which will not be discussed in detail here. For the weapons, their basic attribute is durability. Durability recovers 1 point every 50 minutes. Different from endurance, durability does not limit the number of battles players can fight: weapons in the Arsenal are shared by all characters, and there is no upper limit. Not only weapons, but also armor, shield and other equipment, their attributes are divided into 1–5 stars, which are all higher the better. To improve weapons and equipment, you need to consume magic dust for recasting. You need to pay 0.006SKILL coin for each recasting. One way to obtain magic dust is to raid, and the other is to burn existing equipment (0.0063 SKILL coin are still needed).

II. Battle options

After the characters and weapons are ready, players can fight with monsters and upgrade the battle at “combat” to obtain a certain amount of game coins. As you can see Figure 3.1, the key factor to win is attribute resistance, that is, fire, forest, lightning, water and fire in the figure. The next factor is combat effectiveness. Selectable combat rivals are refreshed every hour. Some combat rivals will not be given game tokens as rewards.

Figure 2.1 battle selection interface

Of course, you can select a raid in “Raid”. The raid is generated once a day with corresponding rewards: experience / game currency / weapons / equipment and magic dust for enhancement. The reward is distributed according to everyone’s contribution. The more you spend, the more you can get.

Figure 2.2 raid interface

What is worth to note is that whether participating in an ordinary battle or a raid, you need to consume a certain amount of BNB coins, valued at about $0.0007.

III. output

The reward will be distributed after winning the battle, which is also called output. You can gain experience points and skill coins from normal combat, and gain NFT items from raid combat. As shown in Figure 3.3, the number of SKILL coins obtained is linked to the gas fee of each battle and the actual combat effectiveness of the character.

Figure 3.3 & 3.4 battle settlement page and role rewards

The rewards obtained will eventually be displayed in the “rewards” column at the top left of the page, which includes SKILL coins and experience values of corresponding roles. To receive the reward, you also need to consume BNB tokens to pay gas fee, which is about 0.0006 BNB. There is no exchange limit for role experience value. Skill tokens have a tax rate that will be reduced by 1% every 24 hours after acquisition.

Figure 3.5 SKILL coin withdraw page

There is another output method pledge (soil mining), but it might have certain risks. This output is relatively inefficient for high combat effectiveness characters, but for new players it might be a a nice choice to start.

Figure 3.6 pledge interface

Game experience summary

Cryptoblades is a 100% money consuming data guided game. From players’ perspectives, simple interface and rules and bot using are their advantages. But of course, there is no operating needs and no immersive monster fighting experience, which is also the sacrifice of the game. From another point of view, it is a mining game with simple packaging. The data shows the experience that players can get are only cultivation but no role interaction. In the long run, the user stickiness to the game will be very low. Each operation of the game takes gas fees. In the early stage, it is definitive to be unable to make ends meet. It needs a long return cycle. Moreover, most of the gas fees are settled by BNB, and the reward is SKILL. When players want to cash, they also need to exchange, and there will be handling fees in the middle and this will further reduce the player’s income. In particular, compared with July, the number of SKILL coins obtained by defeating the enemy is about 0.13, but now it is about 0.0003, and the investment is about 0.0006. Before the character ‘s ability is reached to a certain level, players can’t get their cost back. Its pre investment cost will become an entry barrier for subsequent new players. After all, in the absence of interactive experience or PVP confrontation mode, the biggest attraction of the game to players is to make money. If the investment cost and time cost are too high, players will be very discouraged. This should also cause the game to be less sustainable than other games with PVP elements or world exploration elements such as Axie Infinity, and its game token price trend will rise continuously because of the continuous increasing players participated.

Of course, now the game is still developing, and also the land system. However, no role interaction is the biggest disadvantage of the game: it still can attract a large number of miners, but it is not easy to attract play for fun players. If no one in the NFT market is buying it, the risk of large devaluation of game currency will be very high.

The point that can be used for reference is that the “endurance value” system linked to time is used to limit the output of game coins. Ensure that the daily game coin output is within a controllable range. At the same time, it also links the output of game currency with the player’s character ability value to stimulate the player to improve the character ability instead of keep mining using low-level characters.

Finally, I want to state some personal thoughts. In my opinion, non interactive games are worthy of recommending too, but the theme needs careful consideration. For topics such as fighting monsters and battling, which focus on action and operation, if you directly remove this process and turn it into only clicking monsters and picking up rewards, it will inevitably give people a feeling that the focus is biased: soldiers wear equipment and prepare for battle but it turns out clicking the mouse and game is over. In contrast, many farm chain games do not have player interaction. They can grow and receive vegetables and click on time, which is still attractive. Because the theme of the farm is production, generally speaking: hoarding. Usually players care more about how much they produce and how much they can sell, instead of the way they produce it. If you are tired of land and production, you can try designing some specific products. Take the simulated business category as an example: restaurants can take dishes as NFT (even consider associating with popular online restaurants); if you change the theme of winery, take wine as NFT (can be added to the brewing process interaction); fashion items, clothing bags, jewelry, perfume, skin care products and a series of luxuries can be used as NFT. (including co branding with well-known brands) and other categories. These categories can be made into the mode of games and rewards by clicking the mouse. At present, I see that there is no such theme in chain games.




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