DigiFinex Token DFT made designated payment cryptocurrency at SK JEWELLERY TOKEN DAY

Singapore №1 cryptocurrency exchange — DigiFinex, and Singapore largest jewellery brand — SK JEWELLERY joint announced on January 18th , during the press conference, making DFT one of the selected payment cryptocurrency for the SK JEWELLERY TOKEN DAY event. The event will be held from January 21 to 27, exclusive for the SK MBS store. During this period, customers will receive a 20% and 10% discount on the purchase of gold and diamond jewellery respectively using DFT. Additionally, the first purchase of each day made with DFT will also receive a bonus of up to S$300 equivalent DFT rebate.

DFT is the platform Token of DigiFinex trading platform, which is a utility token based on the Ethereum smart contract. This cooperation marks the success of DFT’s first usage as a payment method for off-line business. It is also a solid step towards exploring infinite possibilities of more offline use cases leading to crypto finance.

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