Bible Coin (GIB) Listing on DigiFinex

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DigiFinex is going to list Bible Coin (GIB).

GIB Deposit opens: 08th Apr, 2019 10:30 (GMT+8).

GIB Withdrawal & trading opens: 10th Apr, 2019 10:30 (GMT+8).

GIB Trading Pair: GIB/BTC

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To celebrate GIB listing on DigiFinex, we will airdrop 500,000 GIB to our users!

Event Period:

Reward tokens will be given out within 5 business days after this event ends.

1. GIB Candy Box Reward

There are 100,000 GIB in this candy box, first come first served.

For example, if you lock-up 10,000 GIB in the candy box for 10 days, you will receive 300 GIB.

2. DFT Holders Trading Reward (DFT holders only)

During the 8th to 18th April, traders who hold ≥1000 DFT in these 10 days and transact 1,000 USDT worth of GIB trading can receive 1,000 GIB. There are 200,000 GIB to be given out according to your rank in GIB trading volume.

3. GIB Token Reward for Net Purchase

Token reward ranking by your Net Purchase.

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4. New User Registration Reward

Each time you invite a new user to register on DigiFinex with KYC, both parties will receive a reward of 0.02 ETH + CNY 300 worth of coupon.

Reward Coupon Guide:


BIBLE COIN Introduction

The BibleCoin is designed as a platform to create and share positive values based on religious community, with an initial ecosystem consisting of marketing and technology companies in Singapore.

The BibleCoin project allow religious institutions to benefit directly from the technology and ecosystem. Besides this, stakeholders are able to use the platform as means of day-to-day payments, supporting donations and missionary activities with a cold-wallet technology and much more.

Within the second half of 2019, BibleCoin would be a functioning payment alternative for users at famous franchises and merchants ranging from retail stores to F&B outlets in South Korea.

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✦ Bible coin is a case of applying blockchain technology. All transaction records are open to public, ensuring transparency.

✦ Carry out Share & Help name of Sacrifice of Jesus in the Christian Community

✦ Clear Use and management of Dedication(Oblation)

Project Forward

● Complete Bible Coin Platform

● Provide innovated finance Service

● Contribute Share economy

● Make Security and Clear of Operating Donation

● Complete Financial Platform

● Another Project with Private Blockchain platform

● Combine Physical finance card and system


➤ The Bible Coin platform consists of applications, communities, and services developed on the basis of Ethereum.

➤ We will be Make Private Blockchain with our platform Gib and Gib dollar Around Master Church.

➤ After through Consortium Blockchain will make More Quickly and Secure Service.

For updates on token listing or reward program, please join us at:

One Stop Digital Financial Services Platform:

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