DigiFinex IEO Project Introduction: LINIX

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As we know, blockchain is a type of Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT), a subcategory of a more broad definition, much like how ‘car’ falls under the category of ‘vehicles’ and ‘Satoshi Nakamoto’ falls under ‘geniuses’.

The Directed Acyclic Graph or DAG, is another form of DLT. Some consider it to be a rival technology to blockchain, others an enabler. Can we have the best of both worlds?

Team LINIX suggest yes.

In this article, we will briefly introduce what is LINIX, its key features and the team behind it. The details of their IEO token sale on 20 June 2019 will be announced in a follow-up article shortly.

The World’s First DAG Infused Blockchain

The LINIX platform is the first platform to combine DAG and blockchain in a single network. By doing so, they are able to develop the fastest and most secure public platform.

One of the fundamental aims of LINIX is to meet the growing demands as the adaptation of Distributed Ledger Technology continues to grow. LINIX intend to provide solutions to the efficiency challenges experienced by the users of the existing blockchain platforms and their focus is to improve the payment speed and reduce 3rd party costs.

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The MATRIX Chain is a permissionless ledger which tracks, stores and confirms transaction and wallet addresses. The Proof of Checks and Balances (PoCB) maintains the consensus and security of the platform.
In the MATRIX Chain, two parties known as Miners and Stakers govern its consensus.

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The LINIX protocol has several key advantages compared to existing blockchain frameworks:

  1. The protocol confers explicit economic finality to transactions and condenses the finalized transactions into a State Matrix- a snapshot of the system state, detailing the account asset information associated with owner addresses.
  2. The Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) supports the Unspent Transaction Output (UTXO) model of transactions, allowing high scalability, while the State Matrices supports the account view of the system, facilitating easy integration with smart contracts, combining the benefits from both models.
  3. The security of the protocol depends on the aggregate size of the deposits, as well as the number of witnesses to avoid centralization. The staking of deposits allows us to penalize malicious witnesses, solving the Nothing-At-Stake problem that plagues Proof of Stake (PoS) based blockchains.
  4. Variable difficulty for drafting a new vertex that automatically scales with the Byzantine stress level of the network from malicious nodes.
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LINIX Roadmap (Currently on time)

Drugha (2018 Q4)

Technical Primer Whitepaper

Nebra (2019 Q1)

LINIX open source; Official Technical Paper; Initial Exchange Offering (IEO); Exchange Listing; Investor Meetup.

Liberta (2019 Q2-Q3)

Hackathon & Bounty; LINIX Conference; Dapps Incubation; Testnet launch; LINIX Virtual Machine(LVM).

Nirvana (2019 Q4)

Mainnet Launch.

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Currently the team has 36 people, 16 of them are developers. Some are seasoned programmers or data analysts from top tech companies such as MicroSoft and IBM.

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Jay Lee, Founder & Director of IR

  • Founder of SYSPAC (Annual sales contract USD 10M)
  • Executive board member at ChungShu (USD 2M fund)
  • Founder of KINDREN (USD 0.5M exit)
  • Co-founder of Harrow House

Henry Duong, Head Researcher

  • B.S. Industrial Engineering and Operations Research from UC Berkeley
  • Software program manager at Microsoft Redmond, WA
  • 2 years as senior blockchain project manager. Development of core in-house blockchain products, working with core PBFT consensus algorithms

Dr. Mariana Hebborn, Technical Researcher

  • Ph.D. in computational linguistics and data processing from Justus Liebig University Giessen (Magna Cum Laude)
  • Advanced data and analytics at IBM HQ
  • Project manager of computer based content analysis at Prime Research, F.A.Z. Institute

James Wong, Technical Researcher

  • 10 years as senior data computer programmer at Microsoft
  • Content developer and coder of S/W development projects at Microsoft
  • Datacenter STS for internal Azure Fabric components
  • Implemented authentication protocols for ESTS including OAuth 2 protocol with SAML 2.0 tokens for ESTS

Hong Sung Kim, Technical Researcher

  • M.S. in operations research and information engineering from Cornell Tech
  • Programmer at Bank of America Merrill Lynch
  • Trading platform developer assistant VP at Trade Web
  • Java developer assistant VP at Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation

Dr. Mark Reynolds, Technical Researcher

  • Ph.D. in computer science from Boston University / M.S. in mathematics from MIT
  • Chief engineer at Island Peak Software for the creation of a secure platform for machine learning algorithms
  • Senior software engineer at BBN Technologies
  • Boston Univ. IGNITION AWARD 2012 on software inspection and certification system

Ashal, Technical Researcher

  • Software developer at Baemin
  • Software developer at Naver LINE
  • Software developer at Woowa Brothers Corporation
  • Developer for 3D and machine learning technology combination projects

Bob Lee, Director of Marketing

  • Partner of MainBlock
  • Ambassador of Fusion Foundation
  • Advisor of AI Crypto

Ricky Ongkowijoyo, VP of SE Asia

  • CEO of btc-indo.com, the first bitcoin ASIC miner seller in Indonesia
  • CEO of DBX
  • Binary coach and trader; Forex trader

LINIX social communities are created for the interaction and transparency with the public. 24/7 support for questions regarding token sales and technical doubts.








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