DigiFinex Daily Report: Bitcoin fell below 3800USDT, DFT rose slightly today

Crypto currency market news: BTC fell below 3800USDT today, mainstream tokens have dropped to a certain degree

According to DigiFinex data, BTC 24h latest transaction price is 3730.15USDT, 24h highest price reached 3832.28 USDT, 24h lowest price 3700.51 USDT, 24h volume of 27,800, a decrease of 2.40%; ETH 24h latest transaction price of 127.08USDT, 24h highest price of 134.59 USDT, 24h minimum price of 125.66USDT, 24h volume of 50.70 million, a decrease of 4.86%; DFT 24h latest transaction price of 0.1476USDT, The highest price of 24h reached 0.1501 USDT, the lowest price of 24h was 0.1462 USDT, and the volume of 24h was 4,440,200, an increase of 0.61%.

The founder of Morgan Creek: Rhode Island’s bill on blockchain tokens is a good start.

Morgan Creek founder Anthony Pompliano said on Twitter: “Rhode Island has proposed a bipartisan bill that would exclude any tokens with ‘consumptive purposes ‘ from existing securities law. New technologies require new rules. This is a great start.” According to previous news, five Democratic and Republican senators from Rhode Island, USA On Wednesday, Co., Ltd. bill 5559 was proposing to amen “blockchain tokens” is not considered a securities issuer and is not subjected to the Act, but the premise is tokens are for consumption and purchasing of goods.

Yao Qian: Designed based on a reasonable mechanism, the impact of the central bank’s digital currency on monetary policy and macroeconomics will be“neutral” .

According to the Institute of Financial Science and Technology of Renmin University of China, Yao Qian, general manager of China Securities Depository and Clearing Corporation, recently issued a document saying how to achieve The overall economic benefits and the maximization of social welfare are the core propositions of legal digital currency research and development. Theoretical analysis shows that in terms of payment, the central bank’s digital currency has created a new model for interbank payment settlement, which can optimize the payment function of the traditional legal fiat currency at the retail end; if it is effectively integrated with other broader financial infrastructure, the central bank digital currency It also contributes to social savings and efficiency. In terms of monetary policy, based on rational mechanism design, the central bank’s digital currency is not only “neutral” to monetary policy and macroeconomics, but also a new monetary policy tool to enhance the effectiveness of monetary policy. In terms of financial stability, it is possible to avoid the impact of “narrow banks” by increasing the friction and cost of bank deposits to the central bank’s digital currency

The head of the Ethereum Foundation: The Ethereum Foundation will expand its participation and focus on other key areas of the platform.

According to Crypto Globe, Aya Miyaguchi, head of the ETH Foundation, said that with the development of Ethereum, the Ethereum Foundation will Redefining the mission, no longer focusing entirely on the Ethereum agreement, but expanding its current engagement, focusing on other areas, such as other agreements based on the Ethereum platform. Aya Miyaguchi acknowledges that Ethereum’s development faces technical and business-related challenges, but it is important not to focus on the current price of ETH, but to develop blockchain infrastructure. Ethereum is working hard to ensure its growth and hopes to focus on obtaining additional funding from various entities to help the Ethereum platform develop other focus areas.

The February trading volume in a number of mainstream currencies hit a new high since Q1 2018

According to the news, in February this year, bitcoin transaction volume hit a new high. The transaction volume of bitcoin transactions in the past 30 days was nearly 206.37 billion US dollars. The rise was driven by the price increase to $4,000 in mid-February. The USDT transaction volume also set the largest single-month transaction volume since the first quarter of 2018, reaching $177.12 billion, an increase of 56.50% from January. ETH’s monthly trading volume reached a high of 2018. In the past 30 days, ETH’s transaction volume reached 104.46 billion US dollars, an increase of 34.40%. EOS and LTC ranked 4th and 5th in February.

Four major banks in Iran launch blockchain platform and issue currency

According to Al-Monitor, the technology and payment systems departments of Parsian, Pasargad, Mellat and Melli, four major Iranian banks, have been developing the blockchain platform Kuknos, to increase the liquidity of the bank’s “non-productive assets”. The token issued by Kuknos is called PayMon (PMN), which corresponds to 30 milligrams of 24 carat gold per unit and is now valued at 156,581 rials ($3.72). It is reported that the platform may be officially operated before March 20. Currently, the project is awaiting finalization of the Iranian central bank’s draft framework for cryptocurrency, which will also determine the rules for issuing tokens.

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