DigiFinex Daily Crypto Report: Bitcoin price hovering around $3850. DFT price has significant correction

CME Bitcoin Futures record-high trading volume might have triggered Bitcoin price plummet.

Technical analyst and trader Josh Olszewicz said Bitcoin futures trading hit an all-time high last week, potentially triggered a sell-off pressure that has caused prices to plummet. According to stats from the CME, there were 18,338 bitcoin futures trading on 19 Feb, the highest figure ever recorded. This is equivalent to 91,690 Bitcoins or roughly $352 million at today’s prices.

Insight Chain market Research: 37.4% of investors believe that Monero (XMR) price will slowly rise next week.

A total of 340 questionnaires were collected on Insight Chain Dapp, 37.4% of whom believed that the price of Monero (XMR) would rise slowly in the coming week (February 26 to March 5), but 27.9% of them thought it would be in a sideways trend; in terms of support and resistance level, 25.6% investors predict that the strong support for their XMR in the coming week is $50.13, and that 32.4% of investors believe that the strong resistance of XMR in the coming week is $50.73.

At the price level of $50.53, 32.1% of investors believe that potential losses would be within 20% and 28.5% of investors believe that potential profits would be less than 20%; In addition, 86.8% of investors are bullish on the future development of Monero.

Nasdaq has officially listed ETH and BTC Indices on their paid service GIDS

On 25 Feb, Nasdaq has officially listed indices of Bitcoin Liquid Index (BLX) and Ethereum Liquid Index (ELX). BLX and ELX indices were launched by blockchain data research firm Brave New Coin (BNC) based on transaction data from six cryptocurrency exchanges: Coinbase, Bitfinex, Bitstamp, Kraken, Gemini and itBit,

These indices mainly include two information: price and volume, and it refreshes every 30 seconds. Currently, Nasdaq has added two indices to their Nasdaq Global Index Data ServiceSM (GIDS) where only paid users have access. However, other users can also visit the Brave New Coin’s official website, to view the BLX and ELX indices directly.

Overall, they are more like the average price of BTC and ETH.

The BLX index is currently reported at $3,849.893 (+1.25%) and the volume is approximately $142 million (-55.82%);

The ELX index is currently quoted at $138.631 (-0.46%) and the volume is approximately $106 million (-62.99%).

Bitcoin hashing power decreased by 3.37%

Today’s BTC network hashing power is 42.21EH / s, it’s 3.37% lower than yesterday.

ETH network computing power is 156.17 TH / s, it’s 2.25% lower than yesterday.

BCH network computing power is 1.49EH / s, it’s 3.87% lower than yesterday.

As of 10:00 today, Bitcoin has 9,142 unconfirmed transactions; Ethereum has 30,814 unconfirmed transactions.

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