DigiFinex Daily Crypto Report: Ethereum Is Expected to Upgrade In 12hrs; Independent Blockchain R&D Is Gaining Traction in China; Putin Puts Deadline on Digital Asset Regulation in Russia

  • Ethereum Constantinople/St. Petersburg upgrade is expected to happen on 01 March

According to etherscan.io, the current Ethereum block height is 7,278,078, and the average block production speed is 20.1 seconds. It is expected to reach the upgrade block height of 7,280,000 at 3:35 am (GMT+8) on March 01, 2019.

  • Independent R&D of blockchain technology is gaining traction in China

China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) released the 43rd “Statistics Report on the Development of China’s Internet Network”. This report reviews that the independent research and development of blockchain technology and network infrastructure in China is gaining traction. For example, the Bank of China, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC), Ant Financial, Tencent, Baidu, JD.com and other enterprises have actively carried out their own research and development of blockchain technology, and improving their network infrastructure.

  • Russian President Putin orders its government to adopt crypto regulation by July 2019

Russian President Vladimir Putin has issued another deadline for the government to adopt regulations for the digital assets industry, according to instructions for the Federal Assembly.

The President has required the Council of the Federation of Russia and the lower house the Federal Assembly of Russia (Russian State Duma) to adopt the regulation during the spring session of 2019.

Specifically, the adoption of federal legislation is aiming to develop the digital economy, including regulation of civil-law digital settlements. The legislation should also include a regulatory framework for digital financial assets, as well as attract greater financial resources based on digital technologies, the document says.

  • Major crypto went through minor fluctuations, now return to a stable state

According to DigiFinex data, the latest transaction price of BTC is about $3827.08, the highest price in 24h is $3834.01, the lowest price is $3695.98, with a trading volume of 28,800 BTC, the 24h increase is about +0.21%.

The latest transaction price of ETH is $126.97. The highest price in 24h reached $140.13, the lowest price was $126.97, with a trading volume of 703,000 ETH, and the 24h increase was +0.50%.

The latest transaction price of DFT is $0.1449, the 24h highest price was $0.1525, the lowest price was $0.1372, with a trading volume of 5,383,800 DFT, and the 24h decrease was -4.55%.

  • $321 million ETH is currently locked in DApps

According to defipulse.com, close to $321 million ETH is currently locked in various smart contracts that provide numerous functions like collateralized crypto lending, decentralized betting, or more scalable crypto payment systems. MakerDAO (DAI) dominates by far with some $288 million worth of ETH currently locked in their smart contracts

  • Current crypto market dominance percentage

BTC dominates the crypto market at 51.97%; ETH at 11.14%; XRP at 10.00%, BCH at 1.82%; LTC at 2.15%.

Disclaimer: The Daily Crypto Report is curated by DigiFinex for your reference only, it is NOT an investment advice.

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