DigiFinex Cryptocurrency Exchange Beginner’s guide:How to register an account

Please follow the three steps below to complete account registration for DigiFinex.

Step 1: Please open DigiFinex official website www.digifinex.com in your browser and click “Register”.

Step 2: Read the DigiFinex platform risk warning carefully. Scroll down to the end and check to agree to the DigiFinex Digital Assets Financial Exchange terms of service, “I have carefully read the above risk warning with regards to non-Americans and non-Singaporeans”. Click “Continue to register”.

Step 3: Enter your email for account registration — “Click Next -” drag the lower slider to complete verification — “Receive verification code and enter -” enter the password and the official invitation code — “ and registration is successfully completed.

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1.Fill in the official invitation code “PG55Y5” to receive a reward of 0.02ETH

2.Password length must be between 8–20 characters. Only uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and underscores can be filled in.

How to join the DigiFinex Community

TelegramExchange group:Click to know more(Chinese)

Telegram Official Community:Click to know more(English)

Official Twitter: Click to know more

Official Facebook: Click to know more

Offical Medium: Click to know more

Official Linkedin: Click to know more

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