DigiFinex Cryptocurrency Exchange Beginner’s guide:About DigiFinex Digital Assets Trading Platform

DigiFinex cryptocurrency trading platform is the world’s leading digital assets financial exchange, providing cryptocurrency trading services for a series of blockchain assets such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin, and is committed to becoming a safe, stable, intuitive and fast digital assets trading platform. Registered in Seychelles in 2017, and operating in Singapore, DigiFinex also has offices in mainland China and Hong Kong.

The DigiFinex founding team hails from top financial and technical teams from well-known technology companies such as Xunlei, Tencent, Baidu, Hewlett-Packard etc with extensive experience in blockchain technology and online network product operations. In March 2018, Digifinex received funding of CNY 30 Million by Angel Investors: ChainFunder、Green Pine Capital Partners、LINKVC、HanjianFinance etc.

In April, the platform token DFT,was launched by the DigiFinex trading platform, based on the Ethereum smart contract token, with a total liquidity of about 130 million (discontinued).

In June, based on market stats, DigiFinex ranked in top ten in feixiaohao and CoinMarketCap.

In October, DigiFinex trading platform’s launch of discounted transaction fees, VIP models, DFT trial tokens and other contents was widely recognized by users and our transaction volume has remained steady in the top 10 ranks.

In future, DigiFinex will continue to provide smarter digital assets investment services.

How to join the DigiFinex Community

TelegramExchange group:Click to know more(Chinese)

Telegram Official Community:Click to know more(English)

Official Twitter: Click to know more

Official Facebook: Click to know more

Offical Medium: Click to know more

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One Stop Digital Financial Services Platform: https://www.digifinex.com

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