DigiFinex AMA Recap | CRS, Digital Assets For The Fans

Mar 9th, 2021

Hello everyone! Welcome to our 14th episode of DigiFinex AMA. In today’s AMA, we have invited three executive members of Crypto Rewards Studio (CRS), CEO and Founder Patrick Carroll, Product Director Matthew Dunne and Marketing Director Ollie Kilshaw, to share with us how CRS has created a cryptocurrency that allows users to enjoy music events or get to learn more about artists through their exclusive token. Music has been the universal language for people around the world, with this in mind, CRS is going to reveal more on connecting the best of both worlds!

# Guest of the night

Patrick Carroll, Founder & CEO
Entrepreneur & Early Bitcoin adopter. Worked previously as Events organiser with brands such as Sky Sports, UFC, and many other UK & European Media outlets.

Matthew Dunne, COO / Sales Director
A lengthy history as head of sales in 2 sectors — tech consultancy services and commercial signage. Working with brands such as Deloitte, JP Morgan, Nike, Deliveroo , Pret & Wetherspoons. A tenacious individual with a vast network of successful people.

Ollie Kilshaw, CMO
Entrepreneur with a background in brand building and consultation. Worked with brands such as ASOS, BT Sports, Mercedes & Pretty Little Thing. Connects fans to brands.

Host of the night, Kiana Shek, DigiFinex CXO
Previously working for Baidu as Assistant General Manager, Kiana has had advanced education in the financial field, also obtaining a rich background in Big data, AI, international businesses. In 2017, she founded DigiFinex as a Co-Founder, and dedicated to provide a safer, convenient, transparent digital asset exchange platform for the people. She is also responsible for promoting brand values globally on behalf of DigiFinex, and actively takes part in various Blockchain summits around the world.

Below is a highlight of our Live Session:

Kiana Shek (Top Left), Ollie (Top Right), Matthew Dunne & Patrick Carroll (Bottom)

# Kiana & CRS’s Team Interview

Kiana: Hello, everyone! Today’s AMA might be one of the most lively sessions we have in our history, because we have invited three guests to join us! So may I introduce Matthew, Ollie and Patrick, our honourable guests from Crypto Rewards Studio for joining us at the DigiFinex AMA today. Please greet our global users and introduce yourself briefly.

Pat: Hi Kiana, it’s very nice to meet you, thank you so much for inviting us. My Name is Patrick Carroll, I am the founder and CEO of Crypto Rewards Studio.

Matt: Hi Kiana, really nice to meet you. My name is Matthew Dunne and I am the Sales and Operations Director at Crypto Rewards Studio.

Ollie: Hiya, pleasure to meet you. I’m Ollie Kilshaw & I am the CMO of Crypto Rewards Studio.

Kiana: In every DigiFinex AMA live, I often start off by asking our guests the story behind their brand. Can three of you share with us how is the journey venturing into the cryptocurrency industry like and why you started CRS?

Pat: I was first introduced to bitcoin back in 2013 and saw that they were priced at £50 each. Back then I thought to myself — ‘how can 1 digital coin cost £50, that seems very expensive, how is that possible’. Then I started to take a closer look at how bitcoin worked and discovered the blockchain and how they were mined to create new bitcoins and straight away I knew that this was the future of finance, peer to peer digital money.

It was a very exciting time and we decided to invest in some mining equipment and we mined bitcoin and other altcoins over the years.

In 2014 I was a combat sports event organiser so we thought why not put together a bitcoin fight night tournament, where the winner could win 12 bitcoin or take the equivalent of £5000. He decided to take the cash.

Then fast forward to 2019 I came up with the idea for Crypto Rewards Studio and approached, long-time friend Matt with the CRS project

Matt: When Pat told me about his idea , I thought the idea was amazing and I had to be involved. — A platform that connects power of music and people together through a digital currency. I had strong experience in trading with traditional shares and had started to dabble in crypto currencies in 2018.

I have a true belief that digital currencies will be the future.

Attending music concerts as a fan, gigs and festivals regularly all my life, I could really resonate with the need for the CRS project and product in the live music events industry.

Being fortunate enough to have a very strong network within the UK and wider Global Music Community, knowing that digital currencies are the future and having a passion for the product, we started to map out how we could take this idea into reality

Patrick had the foundation of something excellent and we spent the next months/years working through the business plan and whitepaper to make sure that we could achieve a highly profitable business.

We got it to a point that we needed a team to look after our Marketing and Social Media, so appointed Ollie as our CMO.

Ollie: At the end of 2020, I was introduced to Matt & Pat through a family member, once the guys explained the concept to me, I thought how has no one done this before? To create the first brand in Cryptocurrency sounded like such an exciting opportunity.

Kiana: Well that was really cool! Thank you for sharing the stories with us. Let’s come back to the CRS project. Why don’t you first introduce CRS to our users, and briefly explain how the application functions, and the economic model of the CRS Token.

Matt: So CRS is about 6 months old with our first token being sold in December 2020.

The total supply is 100million CRS with 65 million already in Circulation.

We are working with music artists and events across the globe to bring an initiative, profitable and fun solution that allows them to engage with their new and existing fanbases.

The main product is the App. Within the App there will be several smaller projects

The CRS App uses CRS Tokens (CRS) as its primary currency. Artists can launch their own branded NFT tokens to distribute, sell to fans and crypto enthusiasts.

Kiana: For fans and users who hold CRS tokens, what sort of benefits and incentive policies have you designed for them to enjoy the welfare?


– Unique, innovative, and valuable engagement with fans favourite music events and artists
– Priority Knowledge to upcoming Partner tokens
– Early Access to new Partner Tokens
– Purchase dedicated event tickets exclusive to CRS partners events
– Access to online and live event rewards
– Binding and Non-Binding Voting Rights, giving fans the chance to have their say.
– LeaderBoard access where fans can win prizes.
– Access to discounted services & goods.

Kiana: Can you name some of the competitors that are within your market, and how do you stand out yourself among the others?

Pat: There are a couple of other projects out there that may have some similarities to ours but we don’t see other crypto projects as competition. We are very open to working alongside other successful blockchain projects that puts the financial power back into the hands of the general public and not just the select few at the top of the financial food chain.

Kiana: What is or might be the biggest difficulty you all have encountered in the development? And how did you or are you going to solve it? Could three of you share with respect to the department you are in charge of?

Pat: For me as CEO it’s keeping up with the ever changing laws surrounding cryptocurrencies that has been the most challenging and keeping up to date with them on a global scale.

Matt: For me, the biggest challenge as COO was starting a company during a global pandemic where the arts and entertainment sector was one of the biggest hits. The positive off the back of it was that we had the artists and agents time. This helped us to secure over 10 festivals and 5 Artists already without even pitching yet.

Ollie: As the CMO, there is always going to be the challenge of converting the general public that cryptocurrency is the future of the world.

Kiana: Can you share with us CRS project strategy and planning, and what achievements have been made so far? Any important steps to set up in 2021?

Matt: 2020 was mainly planning, the team build and whitepaper development. During this time we also managed securing 10 festivals and 5 artists

2021 is all about the App.

The App is the product that is the backbone for the success. It will be where the fans and celebrities get to engage and put CRS into circulation in the events world.

More Endorsers / Partners — We need more and we have a plan how to. Just to show you the power of our network, we haven’t pitched yet to one music artist or company, the ones we have secured are all people we have done work for in the past and have told us if we are involved they are!

So 2021 is all about securing the next round of partners too.

By the end of 2021 we plan for CRS to be the digital currency that is used widely across the music events industry.

Pat: to add to that what we can say today is we are in the process of preparing a HUGE NFT non fungible token auction with one of our signed music Artists and we will be able to reveal more information in the coming weeks.

Kiana: How is the global promotion of CRS progressing? Where are most of the current users located at? Are there any specific planning or strategies to be adopted in the Asian market?

Pat: It’s going very well Kiana thank you for asking. Our CRS community are from all over the globe from the UK to Europe & Asia. We also have a very strong following from Russia & the Middle East. Just last week our endorsers DJ Luck and MC Neat were on BBC Radio promoting CRS and also on the some of the top Chinese blockchain media outlets. We are also looking very closely at the Korean market and see a lot of potential there for K-pop artists.

Matt: Yes K-POP is massive and we know a few of the managers who look after the acts there.

We have the UK and Europe covered with strong connections to Las Vegas events and other music festivals across the USA.

We also have a very good network in UAE and Dubai with the far east becoming a top spot for all the biggest names in Music.

This is a global solution and we will have partners everywhere by the end of this year

Ollie: K-Pop has been streamed more than 91 billion times on spotify alone, that is a huge amount of attention. We plan to partner with K Pop artists to create coins for them to allow their fans to feel more connected with their favourite artists.

Kiana: Coming to our final question! Which is also a tradition of our DigiFinex AMA. Can you three share with us your personal investment experience in crypto assets?

Matt: I have invested in BTC, ETH, DOT, ADA, KCS, BNB & LTC.

Pat: I’m holding some bitcoin and some of the popular altcoins.


Little did we know that CRS is a project that supports artists and the development in the entertainment industry. Their continuous work will only bring the people together with one same ambition — to enjoy music as simply as possible. We also thank you Ollie for showing part of his collections and let us have a perfect ending to finish the AMA!

Thank you Matthew, Ollie and Patrick once again for joining the session today and introducing CRS to us! We will see you at our next AMA!

About Crypto Rewards Studio

Crypto Rewards Studio (CRS) is a revolutionary new concept where fans can engage and interact with their favourite music artists by joining our tiered membership platform and gain access to their desired artist’s token, created on the Ethereum Blockchain. The CRS Platform works with Top Global Event Organizers, which provides a service to fans that has never been done before, as now they can own a unique cryptocurrency token tied to a specific Music event or Artist.

To watch the AMA Live: AMA | CRS, Digital Assets For The Fans
Sources: Crypto Rewards Studio

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