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The DFT Trial Token is set up for users who do not have DFT or insufficient DFT, but want to try out the DigiFinex (DigiFinex.com) transaction reward. To learn about transaction rewards, click me

How to view: Download the app and go to [My] — [Coupon] to view the amount of trial tokens and the validity period.

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How to use

1. Download the app and go to [Home] — [Trading Rewards] to view the daily transaction bonus amount and the transaction amount to be completed. 2. After receiving the rial tokens, they will be activated the next day. The daily reward amount will be announced at 10:30 (GMT + 8) and the amount of transaction to be completed.
3. The daily Trading Rewards must be collected on the same day, and if it is not collected after 00:00, it will be automatically revoked.
4. Users need to complete all the transaction amount before you can receive the transaction reward. Users can trade in any transaction pair (except DFC/USDT), and the system will convert the transaction amount into USDT.
5. Please complete the task and collect the reward within the validity period of the trial tokens. Overdued trial tokens will automatically expire.

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1. The trial tokens can only be used to try out DigiFinex (DigiFinex.com) transaction rewards, not for currency transactions, currency top-ups, etc.
2. If you have locked DFT and earned the trial tokens, the next day’s bonus will be updated with the sum of the “Autonomous Lock + DFT Trial Tokens”.

For example, today’s reward is estimated to be 60 CNY per 10,000 DFT. If you have locked 10,000 DFT and gained 10,000 DFT trial tokens, the transaction reward you can receive today is (10000DFT+10000DFT)/10000DFT*60≈120.

How to join the DigiFinex Community

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