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DigiFinex (DigiFinex.com) digital asset trading platform have launched the DFT Discounted Transaction Fee function on October 15, 2018, running on 25% discount.

The DFT discount function is automatically enabled for users who transacts and participates in activities on the DigiFinex (DigiFinex.com) platform,regardless of token (except for DFT trading zone). If there’s a need to pay a transaction fee, the system will discount the fee for the required payment and the equivalent value of DFT will be deducted as according to market value.

Frequently Asked Questions

1、DFT Discount Calculations

If the handling fee is a certain currency, such as ETH: according to the exchange ratio of the market ETH and DFT, take the latest price of ETH/USDT and DFT/USDT market, then the exchange ratio of ETH and DFT is equal to (ETH/USDT)÷ (DFT/USDT), take the latest market price calculations.

If the discount rate is 50%, the transaction fee charged to the user is: (1–50%) × original transaction fee fee

2. Is it possible for users to open or close the DFT deduction fee themselves?

Users can log in to the DigiFinex (DigiFinex.com) — “User Center -”. The basic information interface will display the DFT deduction fee switch button, the transaction page will also have a corresponding reminder.

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3. Can the discounted DFT fee and discount coupon be used at the same time?

No. When the user turns on the DFT discount function and has a voucher for refund of transaction fee, determining factor is: when the “coupon” is greater than or equal to “DFT discount”, the coupon is used; when the “coupon” is less than the “DFT discount” , use DFT discount. The two items can only be used separately, and the system will automatically identify the most favorable conditions to the user.

4. How to handle when the discount function has been activated but the remaining DFT can only deduct a portion of the transaction fee?

DFT Discount will be used to deduct a portion of the transaction fee, and the remaining is deducted according to the original currency and transaction fee.

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