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1 min readFeb 14, 2019

DigiFinex candy box:you can instantly receive candies to your account. Average daily profit is about 1‰-5‰ and the current activity has been online deposits such as USDT/LBTC and other high-value candy activities.

How to receive:

1. Download the DigiFinex digital assets trading platform APP, pay attention to the candy box, and participate in the event to receive candy at any time.

APP download address: Click here to download

2. Log in, select favourite coin, click 【Collect】, enter the number of lock and the number of lock days, click【Collect】, you can get the rewards.

How to join the DigiFinex Community

TelegramExchange group:Click to know more(Chinese)

Telegram Official Community:Click to know more(English)

Official Twitter: Click to know more

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