DigiFinex Crypto Daily: Bitcoin Tests $3900 Support; Monero (XMR) Bug Issue Identified and Patch Ready for Release.

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  • BTC Tests $3900 Support and Major Altcoin Prices Are On the Rise

According to DigiFinex data, the latest transaction price of BTC is 3869.38 USDT (+1.01%) as its highest price in 24h reached 3902.25 USDT, the lowest price was 3828.13 USDT, with a trading volume of 44,600 BTC.

The latest transaction price of ETH is 137.54 USDT (+1.70%) as its highest price reached 140.16 USDT in 24h, the lowest price was 135.09 USDT, with a trading volume of 630,500 ETH.

The latest transaction price of DFT is 0.1576 USDT, (+3.54%) as the 24h highest price was 0.1578 USDT, the lowest price was 0.1493 USDT, with a trading volume of 4,333,300 DFT.

  • Eastern Caribbean Central Bank Set to Launch Its Own Digital Currency

The Eastern Caribbean Central Bank (ECCB) https://www.eccb-centralbank.org, the central bank for the Eastern Caribbean Dollar, has announced that it is set to launch a pilot for a distributed ledger technology (DLT) powered central bank digital currency (CBDC) and could proceed to adopt it as a legal tender in 2020 if all goes as planned.

Following its successful partnership with Bitt Platform (https://www.bitt.com), a Barbados-based fintech firm that facilitates online money transfers for individuals and institutions, the ECCB is now set to trial a CBDC that could become legal tender by next year.

  • Monero (XMR) Bug Issue Identified and Patch Ready for Release

Earlier this week, the Ledger team made an announcement via Monero’s official subreddit regarding a bug found in the last version. Users reportedly lost their funds due to this bug. However, there was no clear information pertaining to the bug.

The official announcement read,

“In the last version of Monero client 0.14 with application 1.1.3, it seems there is a bug with the change address. The change seems to not be correctly send. Do no use Ledger Nano S with client 0.14 until more information is provided.”

Further information on the bug would be released once the solution was implemented.

  • SBI Group Strategic Planning: SBIVC Launch Postponed to July. Subsidiaries use XRP to Transfer Funds.

Japanese SBI Group announced a long-term comprehensive strategic plan, which includes several blockchain and cryptocurrency related content, such as

1. Build a blockchain financial ecosystem in Fintech 2.0;

2. Determine the reasons for launching digital assets;

3. Establish blockchain-related funds;

4. Build a new financial ecosystem based on digital assets;

5. Postpone the launch of SBIVC (SBI Virtual Currencies) which is its cryptocurrency exchange, from March to July;

6. Plan to use XRP to for its cross-border remittance services through its subsidiary company SBI Remit .

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