DigiFinex Daily Crypto Report: Bitcoin Price Stays At Around $3,800. DFT Fluctuation Range Narrows

According to Digifinex data, the latest transaction price of BTC is about $3863.59, the highest price in 24h is $3874.53, the lowest price is $3831.69, with a trading volume of 27,100 BTC, the 24h increase is about +0.32%; the latest transaction price of ETH is $139.71. The highest price in 24h reached $140.37, the lowest price was $135.35, with a trading volume of 470,600 ETH, and the 24h decrease was -0.49%.

The latest transaction price of DFT is $0.15, the 24h highest price was $0.15, the lowest price was $0.14, with a trading volume of 4,968,300 DFT, and the 24h increase was +0.23%.

Today the major cryptocurrencies went though small volatility, but the overall trading curve indicates a stable trend, which shows that the market is in a relatively healthy and stable state.

According to TokenInsight, their TI index (reflecting the overall performance of the blockchain industry) is 364.95 at 8:00am on February 27 (GMT+8), which went down 4.25 points or -1.15% in 24hrs.

Among the 28 sectors monitored by TokenInsight, the biggest gainers in 24hrs are in the “payment and financial” sector, with an increase of +5.18%; the biggest losers in 24hrs are in the “other technology or protocol” sector, with a decrease of -4.86%.

The number of active BTC addresses increased by +15.11% to 597,300 from the previous day, and the number of transactions increased by +5.05% to 344,700.

Currently, the futures long-term ratio has risen to 1.24. BCtrend analyst Jeffrey believes that BTC traffic and data is picking up, with a bullish support, and short-term price rebound demand is increasing.

Recent data on bitcoin addresses shows us that although the institutional investors may still be on the sidelines, the attitude of retail investors remains positive. Addresses with 1 to 10 BTC now account for nearly 10% of the circulating supply, and BTC holdings at these addresses have increased by +5% since the all-time-high of Bitcoin price. Since January 2017, the number of BTC addresses has increased +38%, with an average annual growth rate of +35% since 2015. Since last year, the number of addresses holding 10 to 1000 BTC (accounting for 48% of the circulation supply) has declined.

On February 27th, Cryptopia issued an update of the investigation process and said that they are continuing to work on assessing the impact incurred as a result of the hack in January. Currently, they have calculated that worst case 9.4% of their total holdings was stolen.

From January 13th to 14th, Cryptopia had a huge amount of unauthorized cryptocurrency transfer, which was suspected of being stolen. On January 15, the exchange claimed to have been hacked and 28,773 ETH was stolen from them. On January 30, Cryptopia had a security breach again and lost 1,675 ETH.

Nasdaq Global Indexes has been creating innovative, market-leading, transparent indexes since 1971. Today, Nasdaq index offering spans geographies and asset classes and includes diverse families such as the Global Equity, Green Economy, Nordic and Commodity indexes.

The BLX, ELX and RLX indices launched by NASDAQ create conditions for various financial institutions to create specific investment targets. Future related futures, ETFs, and various types of ordinary investment funds can be developed based on this index. Investing in products is equivalent to dragging BTC and ETH into the mainstream financial markets of several trillions of dollars worldwide.

The Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Calcutta and training platform TalentSpirit are jointly offering an advanced program in fintech and blockchain technology. The new program scheduled for this May is reportedly targeted at management and finance professionals aiming to educate participants on financial technologies growth and its potential impact on the banking and financial ecosystem.

According to Cointelegraph, the Russian Supreme Court has included the illicit use of cryptocurrencies in the list of criminal offences related to money laundering, local legal news site Pravo reported on Tuesday, Feb. 26.

The court has introduced new amendments to the anti-money laundering (AML) decree issued in July 2015. These clarifications relate to Russian criminal code articles dedicated to the legalization of property acquired via criminal means.

Disclaimer: The Daily Crypto Report is curated by DigiFinex for your reference only, it is NOT an investment advice.

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The World’s Leading Digital Asset Exchange⁣ 📲Register&Download: http://reurl.cc/q5rkxy 👉Support: support@digifinex.com 📢 Community: http://t.me/Di

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