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About 40 USD coupon gift package: a voucher with a transaction fee discount coupon of 40USDT and 0.02ETH. If user uses the transaction fee discount coupon during trading(excluding withdrawal), the user will be refunded at a rate of 5%.

How to collect: When the user registers, fill in the coupon code (the invitation code) to get the about 40 USD coupon gift package.

How to view: Go to 【My】-【Coupon】-【Coupon】, you can view the gift package, use balance, usage record, expired, etc.

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Usage rules:

1. The coupon is only available for new users to register through the exsiting user’s invitation link/code.
2. If the new user loses the coupon code during registration, you can re-fill the coupon code to get the coupon.
3. Earlier registrated users cannot use the promo code of the later registered user to receive the coupon.
4. The coupon will automatically return the corresponding proportion of the transcation fees after the transaction is successful, which is subject to the coupon.

5. 40$ coupon received by new users is valid for 30 days from the date of receipt. Validity for other vouchers are subjected to the individual front end display.

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