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DigiFinex will list OpenOcean (OOE) at 11:00 (GMT+8) on August 20th, 2021, and open trading service of OOE at 17:00 (GMT+8) on August 20th, 2021. The specific schedule is as follows:

We will launch the following events:
Event period: 17:00 (GMT+8) August 20th, 2021 to 17:00 (GMT+8) August 31st, 2021
Reward distribution: 14 days after this event ends

Campaign 1: Deposit to Share 2,000 OOE

During the campaign…

【 Pornhub 】 — Исчерпывающее руководство о том, как покупать и платить биткоином и другими криптовалютами за Pornhub Premium

Pornhub, крупнейший в мире сайт видео для взрослых, объявил 15 декабря 2020 года, что он будет принимать оплату криптовалютой только за покупку и пополнение Premium.

В данном случае DigiFinex позволяет пользователям приобретать

криптовалюту на наших биржах и использовать ее для пополнения Pornhub Premium.

И вот учебник, приведенный ниже.

1)-Получить адрес криптовалютного депозита в Pornhub

Шаг1:Откройте сайт Pornhub для пользователей Premium:

и нажмите “Перейти на премиум”.

【Pornhub】- Guía completa sobre cómo comprar y pagar con Bitcoin y otros Crypto para Pornhub Premium

Pornhub, el sitio web de vídeos para adultos más grande del mundo, anunció el 15 de diciembre de 2020 que solo aceptará el pago con criptodivisas para la compra y recarga de Premium.

En este caso, DigiFinex permite a los usuarios comprar criptomonedas en nuestros intercambios y utilizar las criptomonedas para recargar Pornhub Premium.

Y aquí está el tutorial de abajo.

1)-Conseguir la dirección de criptodepósito en Pornhub

Paso 1: Abrir el sitio web de miembros Premium de Pornhub:

y haga clic en…

【 Pornhub 】 — Guia abrangente sobre como comprar e pagar com Bitcoin & outros Crypto for Pornhub Premium

Pornhub, o maior site de vídeo adulto do mundo, anunciou em 15 de dezembro de 2020 que só aceitará pagamento em moeda criptográfica para compra e recarga Premium.

Neste caso, a DigiFinex permite que os usuários comprem moeda criptográfica em nossas trocas e utilizem os criptogramas para complementar o Pornhub Premium.

E aqui está o tutorial abaixo.

1)- Obter o endereço do Crypto Deposit em Pornhub

Passo 1: Abrir o site do membro Premium de Pornhub:

e clique em “Upgrade to Premium” (Atualizar para Premium)

「Pornhub」- Pornhub PremiumのBitcoin & other Crypto での購入・支払い方法に関する包括的ガイド

世界最大のアダルト動画サイトである Pornhub は、2020 年 12 月 15 日、プレミアムの購入&トップアップについて、暗号通貨による支払いのみを受け付けることを発表しました。

この場合、DigiFinex では、ユーザーが当社の取引所で暗号通貨を購入し、その暗号通貨を使って Pornhub Premium をトップアップすることができます。


1)-Pornhub でCrypto Deposit のアドレスを取得する

Step1:Pornhub のプレミアムメンバーサイト( を開く。

をクリックし、”Upgrade to Premium “をクリックします。

세계 최대 성인 비디오 웹사이트인 폰허브(Pornhub) 는 2020년 12월 15일 프리미엄 구매 및 충전 시 암호화폐 결제만 허용 한다고 발표 했습니다.

이 경우 DigiFinex를 통해 사용자는 당사 거래소에서 암호 화폐 를 구매하고 해당 암호화폐를 사용 하여 Pornhub 프리미엄 을 충전 할 수 있습니다.

그리고 아래에 튜토리얼이 있습니다.

1)-Pornhub에서 Crypto Deposit 주소 받기

1 단계 : Pornhub 프리미엄 회원 웹사이트 열기 :

“프리미엄으로 업그레이드”를 클릭하십시오.

Pornhub, the world’s biggest adult video website announced on Dec 15, 2020 that it will only accept cryptocurrency payment for Premium purchase & top up.

In this case, DigiFinex allow users to purchase cryptocurrency in our exchanges and using the cryptos to topup the Pornhub Premium.

And here is the tutorial below.

1)-Get the Crypto Deposit Address in Pornhub

Step 1:Open Pornhub’s Premium member website:

and click “Upgrade to Premium”

Jun 24th, 2021

DigiFinex 17th AMA has just happened! How are you liking our AMA schedules recently? There are definitely more to come, so don’t forget to follow our social media accounts and stay tuned to our updates! At this AMA, we have invited lead designer from Pocketnet Platform, Daniel to talk with us on ways to allow authors to earn crypto for their content and protect them from arbitrary censorship through community moderation. Want to know how to engage on this decentralized social platform? Read on our blog recap to learn more now!

# Guest of the night

Daniel Sachkov is the designer behind…

Jun 16th, 2021

The DigiFinex live broadcast has ushered in its 16th episode. Are there any lovers of car racing games or video games? If yes, this episode is made for you! In our 16th AMA, we have invited REVV’s product leader, Sean, to introduce to us the core concept of REVV and its parent company Animoca Brands on utilizing gamification, blockchain and artificial intelligence technology to develop and release a wide range of racing games and a series of mobile product portfolios. We will also explore the latest hot topic-NFT! Read on our blog recap to learn more now!

# Guest of the night

Jun 4th, 2021

After the longest halt, DigiFinex is coming back with a new AMA partnering with a popular project that is based in Hong Kong — LikeCoin! We have invited the founder of LikeCoin, Kin Ko, to share with us LikeCoin’s core concepts, including some of the most common practice that everyone would have experienced daily — giving likes! How does Kin incorporate giving credit to content through giving likes and decentralization? Read on our blog recap to learn more now!

# Guest of the night

Kin Ko, Founder of LikeCoin / #decentralizehk / member of Creative Commons
An entrepreneur who believes in democracy, freedom…


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