​50,000 ILC Airdrop to Celebrate ILCoin (ILC) Listing on DigiFinex

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DigiFinex is going to list ILCoin (ILC).

ILC Deposit opens: 09th Apr, 2019 12:00 (GMT+8).
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What is ILCoin?

ILCOIN is a modern alternative to Bitcoin developed by the ILCoin Dev Team, using SHA-256 encryption technology. ILCOIN is not dependent on the present banking system. It has its own independent value. There are 2.5 billion ILCOIN available. Users all around the world use ILCOIN.

What makes ILCoin different?

➤ ILCoin can be safely stored in wallets built for the Cloud, Android, OSX and PC and it can be transferred directly to anyone instantly at virtually no cost- without banks, without charge backs.

➤ ILCoin users can monitor their transactions through ILCoin block explorer. The system is already capable of handling up to 170,000 TX per block, and it is compatible with today’s crypto platforms.

➤ ILCoin is listed and freely traded on several cryptocurrency exchange sites.

➤ ILCoin will be the first blockchain with SHA-256 technology to be able to create smart contracts.

➤ ILCoin support center is always available to assist you with any issue that might arise during the use of our products. They also have tutorials to help you feel more comfortable and confident when interacting with our products.

ILCoin Website: https://ilcoincrypto.com
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To celebrate ILC listing on DigiFinex, we are hosting a 50,000 ILC candy airdrop event. Details are as follows:

Event Period

 April 09, 12:00 - April 19, 10:00(GMT+8), 2019

Reward tokens will be given out within 5 business days after this event ends.

❑ DFT Holders Trading Reward (DFT holders only)

During this event, users who hold ≥1000 DFT in any 3 days and participate in ILC trading, can share 50,000 ILC, according to your ILC transaction volume in proportion to the total amount of ILC transactions.

❑ New User Registration Reward

Each time you invite a new user to register on DigiFinex with KYC, both parties will receive a reward of 0.02 ETH + CNY 300 worth of coupon.

Reward Coupon Guide:

➤ Log in to DigiFinex APP → MyCoupon → Enter promo code to get coupon

Details: https://www.digifinex.com/en-ww/notice/109

For updates on token listing or reward program, please join us at:

Website: https://www.digifinex.com/en-ww/

One Stop Digital Financial Services Platform: https://www.digifinex.com

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